How to make your resume stand out

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A resume is a document that specifies the necessary information required for hiring: work experience, professional skills, education, etc. Many as a synonymous concept now perceive the CV, but in some countries, there is a gradation – candidates for high positions compile curriculum vitae typically contains more information about a person’s life.

As already mentioned, there is no general approach to what a resume should be. However, there are mandatory information blocks, without which a resume is unthinkable. These are experience, statements about education and professional skills, recommendations, contact information. The resume can be supplemented with motivational and cover letters, which usually indicate why the applicant wants to work in a company, how he learned about the vacancy, expressed wishes for wages, etc.

With the proliferation of online hiring practices, resume templates offered by each dedicated portal have become popular. On the one hand, they are very convenient and, if you do not have experience in drafting such documents, they will be an excellent assistant in this matter. But on the other hand, using the template, your resume will be similar to hundreds of similar job search ads, written on the established form.

Personal information and contact details

You must specify the name, date of birth, place of residence, marital status (optional). After this, the ways by which you can be contacted are indicated: telephone, e-mail. You can give a link to a profile in a social network. It is popular today.

Career objective

This item is indicated if you are sending a resume to the company on your own initiative, and not in response to a posted job. The same applies to fill in the corresponding item on the job search site. Here the main requirement is clarity. Writing “specialist”, “work at home”, “internship for student”, etc. not recommended because an HR manager may simply not finish reading your resume to the place where you will be described as an expert or who you are studying. Therefore, indicate the position for which you are applying clearly: “the head of security”, “copywriter”, “trainee of the marketing department”.