How to upload resume on LinkedIn

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Before you figure out how to set up a LinkedIn and fill out a profile, you need to create an account. I think it’s not worth explaining how to add a LinkedIn account because problems should not arise. Fill in your details in English. The profile is also filled out entirely in English.

After creating an account, you can begin to fill out the profile.

After registering, start filling out the profile. Here you need to fill in the following data:

  • Add a photo
  • Fill out general information:
  • Headline – indicate the position you are applying for.
  • Summary – brief information about you, about your qualities. Also, write down why you want to develop in the field of IT in your direction.

Complete the Contact and Personal Info section:

  • Specify all your contacts for communication: phone, Skype, mail, etc., so that HR is convenient to contact you in any way.

In this section of LinkedIn you need to reflect the following points:

  • If there is no experience in the specialty, indicate the date of commencement of work on the educational project – the name of the educational project, фтв its description. Indicate the role, functions, technology, success/results.
  • Specify a technical education. If there is no professional education, then focus on the courses. You can make a certificate scan and attach it.

Skills section

This item is intended to tell you about your core competencies. Here you should refrain from writing:

  • technologies and not owned
  • tools you didn’t use

As you study new technologies and tools, do not forget to supplement your profile with them.

Here add information about your certifications, you can add a scan of the certificate itself. In the “Projects” section, specify information about your projects (add training projects as well). You can also specify the project participants and ask them to write a comment (recommendation) on how the project worked, how you showed yourself during the work. Point the GitHub link to your project portfolio. In the “Languages” section, specify the level of proficiency in foreign languages. In case you have other achievements:

  • Publications
  • Awards, etc.
  • Feel free to fill out your LinkedIn profile with them.