How to make a resume on Word

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A resume is a brief self-presentation of the applicant when applying for a job. It should contain information about the education received, work experience, professional achievements, as well as the skills that the applicant plans to implement in the desired position. With the advent of digital technology, employers are increasingly demanding an electronic resume from candidates. That is why it is essential to know how to create a well-designed resume in Microsoft Word.

How to create a resume in Word by template

Resume templates will be useful to people who are not sufficiently proficient in the text formatting tools of Microsoft Word. Having a resume form ready, it is much easier to cope with its preparation.

You can use both ready-made resume templates in Microsoft Word or downloaded from the Internet. But be sure to pay attention to whether the downloaded document contains all the necessary sections, whether the structure of the summary is correctly observed.

To use the predefined Word resume templates, open the menu for creating a new document (File> New). In it, you will find document templates, among which you need to select a resume template.

If for some reason you are not satisfied with the pre-installed template, you can find a more suitable option through Office Online. To do this, in the same menu for creating a new document, search for different templates.

You can also find resume templates for Word on various specialized sites.

When you have found a resume template suitable for your position, open it, delete the default text and replace it with information about yourself. When finished, carefully re-read the document and save it (File> Save As).

You can also create your own document template so that in the future, the process of creating a resume in Word is more straightforward. To save the file as a template, when saving, change the file type from Word Document to Word Template (File> Save As> Computer> File Type).

The file name from the resume should be clear and informative. It must contain your full name and position for which you are applying. So that the employer can open your resume without any difficulties, save the file in doc or PDF format.